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TX Handset Charger Socket Mod

TX Handset Charger Socket Mod
by ClydeBuilt

Heres how to adapt your standard handset to be able to charge batteries in the handset, rather than having to remove them and find another charger, as is so often the case with HPI hand sets. Be aware that this will invalidate your warranty and no responsibility will be accepted by the website.

Here we have a standard HPI TX but alas nowhere to charge it, unlike the budget Futaba TX shown.

This what a standard charging socket looks like, these will be available from Maplins or some other such store.

This particular socket was canabilised from another appliance, but they are easily found or bought.

I suggest you fit the socket on flat part of the handset that wont get in the way of how you hold it.

Drill the first hole well undersized, then drill out to suit the rounded part of the socket.

Mark it off nice and square with tape, drill a hole in two corners and chain drill a section of the plastic out.

File it out to suit your socket as neatly as you can and superglue in place with thick superglue.

Some handsets dont leave as much room as mine did, but it will fit if you manouvre the socket to the edge as shown.

Solder the two wires from the socket to the corresponding colours on the internal battery pack.
If your socket came without wires, solder a 4" section of red wire to the centre terminal of the socket and 4" length of black to the outside terminal, then carry on as described. Making sure that all is back place, close up the unit and hunt out a Futaba type charger to charge it next time round.

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