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Review: Axial Heavy Duty Lockers

Review written by DrzJohn 

The standard Axial AX10 diff locker is made out of alloy, With prolonged use it wear's out and causes the drive shafts to spin in the locker.This means no drive to the wheels.
Axial have introduced a Heavy Duty Locker(part number AX30500).
The new locker is made out of steel and is heavy @20g compared to the alloy one (that didnt even register on my scales).

The axles are very easy to take apart,take out the 4 screws that hold the knuckles on, slide them off ,remove the servo and servo plate, take out the 4 screws that hold the axle cases together, remove the driveshafts and the diff assembly.Remove the ring gear and the locker.

Here you can see the standard green alloy locker next to the Heavy Duty version.

Then fit the new locker, rebuild the axle and repeat for the 2nd axle.

At £3.99 a pair these are a must have upgrade that increases the reliability of your AX10,With the added benifits of a little more weight low down.

Axial AX10 Heavy Duty Locker,
Part no AX30500 (2pcs)
RRP £3.99.
For stockists contact CML Distribution


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