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Review: Proline Flat Iron 2.2

Manufacture: Proline
Item: Flat Iron 2.2 (M3) with Memory Foams
Avilable from: CML Distribution

First Glance

Again, it seems, proline have produced the goods. On first glance these are a good looking tyre. There basic design and chunky tread look quite realistic but preserve a good sidewall size and tread.

First thing i noticed about these tyres compared to the moabs i had before, was just how soft the M3 compound is compared to the M2. The rubber is super sticky yet holds shape very well. These particular tyres came with Prolines new Memory foams included and they are a vast improvement over the old style foams. Memory Foam Action

On the rocks
To put the tyres to the test, i fitted them to a set of RC4WD alloy beadlocks and threw them on my TLT based comp tuber chassis.

Once fitted i have to say they seemed to suit the look of my rig gave it a far more realistic look compared to the Moabs i ran before, and from my testing they seems to perform brilliantly.

On the rocks the flat irons gripped very well and teamed up with the memory foams they where doing better than i had expected. There slight lack of height compared to the other larger 2.2 crawler tyres didn't seem to make such difference.

The large lugs and soft compound where able to grip and hold onto the rocks a lot better than i found with any other tyres i'd tried as they where able to bend around the shape of the rock without folding and sliding off even in wet conditions and after several hours of running they shown very little wear.

Flat Irons on wet rock

Overall i was very impressed with these tyres and will be continuing to run them on my tuber.

If i have anything bad to say about these tyres, it would be that the super soft rubber was difficult to capture in the beadlocks, several times i found the inside of the tyre had pulled away from the rings and ended testing temporarily.

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