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Review: Pro-Line ROCKSTAR bodyshell
Review written by DrzJohn 
Proline have introduced a new Rock crawling specific body shell called the Rockstar.
It is a body that is aimed for competition use,
12.5” long x 5” wide x 3.4” tall
Made out of Super lightweight .030 shatter proof lexan
Window masks and Detailed decal included
RRP £18.99

The first thing I noticed was the amount of spare lexal around the edges,and how small the body is.
after cutting it out I put the leftover bits in my spares box.
The quality of the body is usual Proline tough and thick,
I mounted it to Bethans AX10,

The window masks were pre cut and lined up perfectly,
Then it was in and out of the garage to spray it with Tamiya Iridescent pink/gold flick paint (Bethans choice) and then backed it with black.

The stickers are not precut, so after about 20 mins of cutting them out they were applied to the outside of the body.
As you can see from the pictures there is plenty of clearance, so no need for more trimming of the wheel arches to prevent tyre rub,
Beth rolled it a few times (it was the 1st time I let her play with it)
a few scratches appeared but it did not damage the shell and almost every time it flipped backwards it landed on its wheels, that is a bonus in a comp.
The part number for this body is PL3262-00 and is available from CML Distribution
Overall it is a rather strange looking body, but with masses of clearance for competition use it is a WINNER !
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