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Quick Release Clod Axle Tubes

by WolverineX

For two axles you require...
2 Stripped Clodbuster Axles.
16 of M4 X 10 Sockethead Caps or Domeheads.
3.2mm Drill bit.
4mm Drill bit.
M4 X 0.7 Intermediate Tap.
Allen Key.

If you ever need to replace a broken axle tube, it's a major stripdown of the gearbox to get at the socketheads. However there is a simple mod to make that stripdown a thing of the past...
With the Gearbox halves stripped, drill out the four holes as shown, in both halves of the gearbox to 3.2mm.

Tap all eight holes with a standard M4 tap. Take care that you're tapping as straight as possible. I personally, treat the plastic halves as if they were metal - two turns of the tap forwards, then one turn back.

Next, use a 4mm drill bit to enlarge the holes in the Axle tubes.(*See Note)

Offer up the axle tubes to the gearbox half and secure with four M4 X 10mm socketheads. Do the same on the other side.

(*Note: You could drill them to 3.2mm and then tap these, but it may cause problems when tightening up to the gearbox. Best to securely clamp the axle tube to the gearbox half, and then drill and tap both parts together as one so that the thread in both parts lines up.)

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