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How to Wire Clodbuster Motors

By Twinset.


Ok, you want to wire the motors in parallel.
Series wiring sucks on a Clod, it acts like a cetre diff, and if you high point the front axle, all the volts from the battery goes into spinning the front wheels.
Parallel ensures both motors get pretty close to equal power all the time.

To wire in parallel, get 2 bits of wire, about as long as your truck.

Wire 1;
Solder to the + terminal on the front motor, then run it to the other motor and solder it to the - terminal.

Then, from the front again solder a wire to - and run it back and solder it to + on the rear motor.

Now, this is the good bit;

The positive wire from the speedo needs to attach to the wire that's running to the positive terminal on the FRONT motor.

There's several ways of doing this;

  • 1) Solder the wires to the rear motor tabs, there's a theory that the rear motor should get first feed.
  • So, the positive wire from the ESC gets soldered to the negative tab on the rear motor
  • 2) Solder the ESC wires mid way along the front-back wires. Involves some delicate wire stripping, but nothing technical.
  • 3) Get some 1:1 automotive wiring splicers, and join the ESC wires to the front-back wires with them.

I've done all of the above at some point, and never really noticed the difference to be honest, just remember, the positive wire from the ESC goes to the positive terminal of the front motor

1) Solder ESC wires to rear motor

2) Splice the wires in

3) Automotive connectors

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