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Narrowing Tyres

Guide written by Curt 

To narrow a set of tyres you will need...

  •  A pair of sharp scissors
  • A bottle of superglue
  • Patience and a steady hand! 


First you need to decide how narrow you want your tyres to become. I decided to take 18mm out of the width of a set of Proline Masher 2000’s to improve there scale look.


Next you will need to cut the tyres. Make sure to use a good sharp pair of scissors to guarantee a clean cut. Don’t rush cutting your tyres, keep the cut line as straight as possible or you will have difficulties gluing the two halves back together.

After you have cut your tyres in half and removed the offending material, you should have something like this…


The difficult part. There is no real trick to this, you just need to be patient. Glue the tyre together bit by bit, making sure to line up the two edges as neatly as possible. After you’ve done it all the way round you should end up with a nice scale looking tyre ready to fit onto your chosen rig!.



  • Remember to let the glued tyre sit for 10-15min’s before gluing to a rim incase the glue hasn’t set.

You can find the Narrowing Rims Tech Guide by clicking Here




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