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What can i do to turn my RC into a Crawler?

There are a few things you can do to make your chosen RC into a crawler.

Locking Diffs
One of the most important things to do is lock the differentials. This enables your crawler to send power to all 4 wheels even if one has no traction. You can learn about locking differentials by Clicking Here

Ground Clearance
To improve your rc’s ability to crawl it needs good ground clearance to clear rocks. The easiest way to increase ground clearance is to use longer shocks. This will raise the whole rc and also enable your rc to articulate better 

Use Good Tyres
For information on what tyres to use refer to the "What tyres should i use?" artical or Click Here

Go slow! - Lower gearing
As the name suggests, crawling is not about speed, more control so gear your rc down. The low speeds will allow you to have more control over your rc, aswell as gaining more vital torque to help your crawler pull itself over rocks. 

Toughen up
Crawling is one of the most punishing forms of RCing and it takes its toll on moving parts such as servos, axle/drive shafts etc. Upgrade servo's to high torque models such as Hitec HS645MG. Apart from servo's, there is no obvious parts of a crawler to upgrade, over time and use a crawler will show weakness' the most popular being bending/breaking driveshafts so to eliminate the chance of it happining again use hardened steel or alloy parts where possible. This should secure that your crawler will last a days crawling

Adding Weight and Ballancing
In order to keep the front  of your crawleron the ground when going up large sloapes you need to keep as much weight as possible onto the front of the rc. The best way to do this, is to place the battery (which is usually the heavest part) over the front axle or in the case of super crawlers, on or along the front axle. Another way of adding weight to the front, is by adding brass BB's or lead aircraft ballast into or onto the tyres. This is somtimes limited or outlawed by some competition organisers, so check with the organisers before doing so if your going to use your rig to compete.

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