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What tyres should i use?

Choosing the right type of tyre can make or break a crawler as its the last line between the rc and the path. A good choice could mean your crawler is unbeatable or unbearable! The following will give you a run down of the most popular crawler tyre's and what surfaces they work on.

 Proline Moabs

The Proline Moab is the most popular tyre for both super and 2.2 class crawlers. There super soft compound coupled with there deep multidirectional tread pattern mean they work exceptionally well on any type of rock or concrete.
Available sizes: 2.2 / 40 serise / 40 serise XL

 Proline Masher 2000's
Masher 2000's are the second most popular type of tyre chosen by rc crawlers due to there extremely soft compound rubber (same as the Proline Moabs) and "tractor" style tread design. The tread design gives them a good grip on any rough rock surface as well as smooth, but they excel on loose dirt or gravel. Some crawlers prefer to use the mashers as when the tread pattern is reversed, the tyres "hook" onto sharp edges on stone and provide enough grip to haul almost any rig.
Available sizes:  2.2 / stanard 1/8th / 40 serise

HPI Geolanders
Due to there scale look and realistic tread pattern and size (compared to Moabs and Mashers) the geolanders are a popular choice for the scale enthuasts. Although mostly used for scale appearance, the Geolanders work well on both rock and on loose dirt, however they don't work as well as Mashers on dirt or Moabs on rock.
Available sizes: 2.2

IMEX Red Rocks
IMEX Red Rocks where the first tyre specifically aimed at RC Crawlling. There unique tread pattern means they work well on any hard rock surfact, but excel on any very rough rock. They are also one of the tallest 2.2 and 1/8th tyre available, the 2.2 being 5.5" tall and the 1/8th being 7” tall.
Available sizes: 2.2 / 1/8th

Axial Rock Lizards

The Axial Rock Lizards are a relitavly new Rock crawling tyre to the market, but with there aggressive tread pattern side bite,  realistic looking tread pattern and outside diameter  of 132mm, theres nothing stopping them from proving very good on any crawling surface.
Available sizes:

Losi Rock Claws

The Rock Claw is a 2.2 1/10th Scale Truck tyre that has been developed to deliver the combination of multi-edge tread design, high-grip soft compound, and a rock conforming carcass needed to out-perform the current crop of popular designs. These purpose built tires are 5” tall and 2.2” wide.
Available sizes: 2.2

RC4wd Rock Stompers

The Rock Stompers from RC4WD are a non-directional tyre, so can be mounted on any corner of your truck. They are available in standard or a 30% softer compound. Similair tread pattern to MOABs but with better sidewall lugs and aggressive self-cleaning tread is suited to Rock or Mud surfaces.
2.2: Outer Diameter: 5.5" (140mm) Width: 2" (51mm) Inner Diameter: 2.2" (56mm)
1.9: Outer Diameter: 4.25" (108mm)

Available sizes: 1.9 / 2.2

RC4wd Rock Crushers

The RC4wd Rock crushers are a very scale looking tyre which has been designed to look like a 1:1 tyre. However, these tyres look better than they perform. They have been critisized of being made of a rubber that is too hard to use for rock crawling, and the tread design doesn't lend itself well for running on mud as it tends to clog up. There is a softer compound rubber of this tyre available, but people still suggest  that they need to be more plyable.
Available sizes: 1.9 / 2.2

RC4wd Crazy Crawlers

Another RC4WD rock biting, non-directional tyre in a soft compound. The tread looks as if it will mould to jagged rock easily, though the sidewall is a little more reserved than say, Losi Rock Claws or Rock Stompers. First impressions are they're not as soft as they appear and grip can be dissapointing.
2.2: Outer Diameter: 5.25" (133mm) Width: 2" (51mm) Inner Diameter: 2.2" (56mm)
1.9: Outer Diameter: 4" (101mm) Width: 1.42" (36mm)
Available sizes: 1.9 / 2.2

RC4wd Mud Slingers

Yet another tyre for RC4wd. This tyre is again based on tyres that are available for 1:1 rigs. The long deep treads on these tyres suit well to soft mud and jaged rocks, but on flat high friction or dusty surfaces they don't perform as good as some, which means this tyre is best suited to trail rigs that are used in mud rather than rock.
Available sizes: 1.9 / 2.2 / 40 serise

Proline Bandlands

A new tyre from proline, the lugs are designed to ensure longevity while digging up the surface below. Made from there soft yet durable M2 compound, the badlands tyre will do well on any rock or dirt surface. However, in typical "brick pin" style tyre design, this will suit heaver rigs better as it will force the lugs to dig into the surface its running on.

Available sizes: 2.2 / 8th buggy / MT 

Proline Hammer

Pro-Line don't try to hide the fact that this is not an out and out Rock Crawling tyre and promote it as 'all terrain' rubber. The side-wall is a little reserved but the outer lugs are chunky, with an alternating solid then
recessed pattern. Hard to decide if there is a 'right' direction to mount this tyre.
An aggressive tread 2.2 only tyre, almost 5 inches high, available in M2 and ultra soft M3 compounds.
Pro-Line have also for the first time included their new Memory Rock Crawling foams with these.
Available sizes: 2.2

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