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Whats the best base?

Guide written by Curt

Whats the best RC to base my Crawler on?

To answer this question you first need to know what type of crawler you want to go for.If you want to build a super-class crawler you can use the like of Tamiya ClodBuster, Tamiya TXT, Traxxas E-maxx etc. If your looking to build a 2.2 class crawler your easiest option is to use a HPI Wheely King, Tamiya TLT or Clodbuster.But if your more into scale looks and appearance for your crawler, you can build one using the Tamiya f350 as a base.

Typically the most popular crawler bases are the Tamiya Clodbuster and TLT, but with the introduction of the HPI Wheely King and Tamiya ceasing production of the TLT, the Wheely King is quickly beingcoming the base to use when building a good competitive capable crawler.





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