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Extending Traxxas Drive Shafts
Guide by TWiNSET
So, you'll need;

A hacksaw
Good strong glue or liquid metal
M4 studding/All thread
M4 Tap
Couple of nuts or a die to dress the threads after cutting
Traxxas parts 1951 (shafts) - 2 sets
and either
4628 or 4628x (plastic or steel, resp.) 2 of either set

Here's the 1951 set;

And the 4628 and 4628x

OK, the fun

In 1951, there's enough bits to make 1 extended shaft (with bits left over)

These two bits will be glued together

So take this bit

and cut the end off

In order to stop the inner shaft twisting (see bottom pic) I insert a length of studding/All thread up inside.

Tap the shaft first, otherwise the studding will make the shaft bulge, and stop it sliding

Insert the studding, right to the end, and leave some sticking out

Fill the outer shaft with glue or liquid metal

Then feed the inner into the outer

(The studding left exposed will ensure the glue holds it all together)

Wipe any excess glue from the other end

You'll end up with this (from one pack of 1951);

Next, fit the yokes.

This tool makes it a helluva lot easier - the slot fits over the ball joint axle pins and forces them into the holes on the shafts

20 minutes of swearing and a few bandages later

For the axle end, both the plastic and steel yokes have a ring that needs to be cut off

(the retaining screw at this point only grips on the very end of the input shaft)

The steel yokes aren't hardened and cut easily with a hacksaw

Once the ring is off, everything fits fine

Here's the second one, overlap/insertion is a good 20mm.

You may need to cut the other outer shaft down a bit to allow for full travel, I needed to remove around 15mm for everything to work/clear.

At full compression/articulation

And here's what the steel studding helps to stop Wink

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