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Locking TLT Center Diff

Guide by TWiNSET 

You can use Traxxas slipper pegs to lock the diff, or, for a full on nuke-proof solution that'll share the Earth with cockroaches after the next big bang, read on

For this one, you'll need;

EYE PROTECTION - you're drilling into steel and then tapping it - something might shatter
Original TLT centre diff
M4 Tap
Tap Wrench
3.5mm drill
Pistol Drill
M4 Screw - 12mm -16mm long (Allen head is best for really cranking down with)
Hot glue, Araldite or other strong thick glue (Not CA, too runny)

Strip it down, and remove these bits;

Keep the bearings, although the diff won't spin, the bearings keep everything centred.

If you got them, replace bearings with bronze bushes and save the bearings for something else

Drill out and tap BJ4;

Drill 3.5mm then tap - use a hand wrench for the tap, NOT A DRILL!!

Next, reduce the head diameter of the screw to around 6mm

Test fit into BJ5 at 6mm and reduce further if necessary

WEAR EYE PROTECTION - Hot steel kinda melts itself into your eye!

Remember also, the screw will be a bit on the warm side, don't take it out of the chuck immediately Shocked

Before n after

Then, get some thick, strong glue and load up the gear where the balls would go.

(Glue has been replaced with grease here, just for the pics)

1) Get a fair bit in on first side

2) Get drive cup in place - check bearing is still in correct place, in order to keep it all aligned

3) Tidy up a bit, flip over and repeat other side

Crank up the bolt real, real tight, and you should be good [H]

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