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Narrowing GMade 2.2" Beadlocks

Guide by TWiNSET 

The Junfac must be one of the easier beadlocks to narrow; Apart from the locking rings, the wheel is a simple 2 piece design, consisting of the centre ‘plug’ which also has the hex moulded into it, and the outer tube/barrel.
To narrow them, you need only cut the barrel.

Here’s the two main pieces – left is the plug, right is the barrel

First off, I drill a couple of air holes in the barrel.
This will be the innermost face of the wheel once assembled as, if the holewere towards the outer edge, the plug would cover the hole.
I drill two 5mm holes, diametrically opposite.

Next, the cuts.
I cut against the screw hole mouldings, simply because they’re easy to work against with a saw

Placing the blade against two lugs, I make a light ‘scoring’ cut, so I’ll make 8 of these around the wheel – Lug 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 and so on.

Once the barrel is ringed with a shallow cut, I then cut around it again until the blade breaks through.
I found this more accurate/neater than trying to cut all the way down from top to bottom, like sawing a log.

The first half of the rim.

De-Burr the rim using a sharp blade or sandpaper

For smoothing the ring’s face down, I use a sanding sponge and just rub the ring over it until smooth.
Any ‘high’ spots get shaved down with a Stanley knife

The smoothed face

Before gluing, note that the screw lugs/mouldings are mirrored as opposed to all the same
Lining these up correctly will ensure you’re gluing the largest possible surface area

Liberal apply superglue – slower drying is more beneficial here.

Once glued and aligned, clamp the ring until the glue’s dry.
You don’t need a vice or heavy equipment, if you don’t have a spring clamp, try a few books. It’s only to hold it all in place whilst the glue dries

Once the superglue’s dry, I then apply a coating of hot glue, just to make sure.
Make sure the superglue’s hard before though, as the two glues mixed give off some fairly unpleasant fumes

As soon as everything’s set, clean up the bore of the barrel – The plug is a good snug fit so any beads of glue will make assembly a pain.

A narrowed rim, alongside an untouched one
The surgery removes approximately 14mm

Quick shot of the breather hole (10 o’clock)


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