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Shaving Clodbuster Axle Casings

Guide by 4link4eva

Right, after shaving several holes in my axle casing, and hearing about others making the same mistake, I thought it was time we did it properly. It's quite simple really, but it makes a real difference to the strength of the casing. Here goes...

First, take your split the two halves of your casing, so that you can see inside where the gears are. I'd advise you to take the gears out at this point, to avoid the risk of dropping (and inevitably losing) them later. Shown are the two screw 'knobbles' on the casing, which are known for their ability to hang up on any available rock, and are what I will be removing from the casing.

If you try to just shave them off, the 'dips' in the casing will mean you'll have holes when they're ground off, and the casing will be weakened. So, we fill them in...

I used Araldite Quick for mine, but you could use any Epoxy really, I just used it because it was there. Before you apply the glue, remember to score the surface with a sharp knife, giving the glue something to 'cling' to.

Next, trim off your knobbles. Wink

Start by cutting the majority of the material off with a saw, or the cutting wheel of your Dremel etc, then file/sand/whittle it to a smooth finish. At this point, you could also thin down the casings to increase your ground clearance, but I chose to leave mine. The millimeter or so gained in clearance just isn't worth the strength sacrificed.

Now, you'll probably have a little excess glue sticking out into the path of your crown gear (the big drive gear), so trim/sand this away before reassembly.

Wollah, super smooth casings. Smile


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